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Same Day Geek Web TrainingIf you stop learning about computers even for a minute, technology will pass you by.  You may have already experienced this.  For example, Microsoft Word 2007 introduced .docx files.  If you haven’t stayed up-to-speed on the latest versions of Word, then you will probably have a lot of trouble opening these files.

At Same Day Geek we want you to enjoy using computers, improve your skills and learn short cuts.


Learning a new technology can be difficult. It takes time to assimilate the information and make it useful for your specific needs.

At Same Day Geek, we use our skills and knowledge to bring the focus to you. We offer one-on-one training and group training, and all of our sessions contain a common thread of unity: focus on the student’s needs.


The first thing we do when we start working with you is to sit down with you and learn what your needs are. We then tailor our computer training based on what you want to learn.
computer lessons

This is why we focus on user control when training people. Users pilot their computers as they learn, which we have found to be a much more successful way of teaching core computing concepts. You need to practice computer moves in order to learn them.

We take a specialized approach to computer training. The body retains muscle memory incredibly adeptly, and we use this natural fact of human psychology and physiology to our advantage. We teach you in ways that ensure that you will remember the skills we teach you.

Learning a new task is much more than simple rote memorization. This is where many training courses fail, and it is where Same Day Geek shines. By focusing on the way that people actually learn, we make it much easier for you to learn.


One-on-one training is excellent if you want to sharpen your skills with a computer. However, you may feel more comfortable learning with a spouse, a friend or even an entire team of co-workers.

For these purposes, we offer group training. Our group training courses are flexible. We will focus on what you and your group wants to learn. For example, we have given group courses at workplaces on increasing work productivity with computers. If you have set up Cloud Computing or a new Network we can train your staff on that as well.


Microsoft Word and Excel. Word and Excel are two of the most productivity-enhancing pieces of software. They are also incredibly commonplace. You will learn how to create documents in Word, spreadsheets in Excel, and – if you’d like – more advanced features of the Microsoft Office suite (including Excel functions and Word formatting tips).
Introduction to the Internet. The Internet is a rapidly expanding place. We’ll help you get a firm understanding of e-mail, searching, and popular websites.
Introduction to Computers. For those without much computer experience, we’ll teach you the basics. Operating a computer can seem like an incredibly insurmountable challenge, but our courses will help you feel much more relaxed and at-ease when operating computers.
…and more. Just ask !


The Same Day Geek team has many combined years of experience teaching computers to many demographics and abilities. Our team is led by a British Columbia Certified Teacher and a Microsoft Certified Professional.

Most of all, though, Same Day Geek’s team cares about your success. With every course we teach, we keep one goal in mind: make life with computers easier for our clients and students.

Contact us today at (774) 294-2940 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information. We provide our services to the White Rock, Surrey, Langley, Delta, and Aldergrove areas. Let us know the problems you are having, the skills you would like to improve, or any other area where you think we can help you.

We would love to add you to our growing list of satisfied students who have improved their skills and abilities in an enjoyable and relaxed manner.

We look forward to helping you learn and grow with your computer skills.