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Same Day Geek Computer LessonsHere at Same Day Geek we love computers and we want everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy using them. As wonderful as computers are though, they aren’t always easy to use. Learning a new technology can be difficult and sometimes intimidating. With our software training we’ll give you the confidence to use your computer in anyway you need to.

To help our clients really use their computers to their best potential, we’ve branched out our computer services to include computer lessons! We offer both one-on-one lessons with a skilled technician who can help you learn at your own pace, and group lessons for a shared experience.

We bring our skills and training to focus on you. When setting up a lesson or set of computer lessons, we’ll ask you about what you know and what you want to be able to do. Whether it’s your first time ever turning on a computer or you’re just looking for a challenge, we can set up a lesson plan that works for you.

During the last 12 years of providing computer services lead by a senior technician, who was previously a teacher, we’ve had the chance to pick up a few tricks. Our computer lessons focus on user control, giving you lots of time to practice and get a feel for using the computer. The body retains muscle memory incredible well, and we use this natural fact of human psychology and physiology to our advantage. We’ll have you using your computer like a pro in no time.

Some popular computer lessons:

  • INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTERS: For those with little or no computer experience, we’ll teach you the basics. We’ll discuss terminology, computer care, safety and some fun tools you can try out.
  • INTRODUCTION TO THE INTERNET: The internet can be wonderful, it’s important to know how to use it. We’ll help you get a firm understanding of popular ways to stay in touch with friends and family like e-mail and social media, introduce you to fun and useful websites and show you how to stay safe online. We can also discuss the pros and cons of online banking and bill paying.
  • MICROSOFT WORD & EXCEL: Word and Excel are two of the most productivity-enhancing pieces of software. They are also very commonplace. You will learn how to create documents in Word, spreadsheets in Excel, and – if you’d like – more advanced features of the Microsoft Office suite (including Excel functions and Word formatting tips).

…and more. Just ask!